Chubby shapes

In this project, I was exploring the relationship between shapes and shadows I found in Majorelle garden located in Marrakech. By using interdisciplinary approach, from collage, painting, sewing, dying to upholstery, tufting, laser cut, hybrid print, embroidery, I was try to find the balance between the contrast of materials and techniques to create a series of multi-purpose work for interior space.

This design can be apply for seating system which can be break into separate pieces or can be jointed together by tinted acrylic shapes, which allows it to be use for different purpose. Ideally for the space with large indoor area.



Started by collecting materials, my original ideas came from photography and observing the relationship between shapes and shadows.


initial idea..

In the early stage of sample making, I been using basic machine sewing to create shadow and 3D effect on the layers of foams, adding small shapes from other material to increase the texture.. 

I developed my further shape design from this pattern, it was also the first time I thought about combine different quality of materials to create functional for surface..




This was the plan I made in 20/03 and 24/04, 

The plan changed from a intensive seating system more open and flexible direction. 

sofa process 1.jpg